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My Sponsor Links
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Lifetime Application Sponsor

Lifetime Application Sponsor

My sponsor links are not paid links but instead an exchange for free use for promoting them.
I never promote something I do not like or do not approve of. I stand by my sponsors 100%.

My Recommendation Links
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My Web Space Provider for Many Years!
Cheap Hosting, Both Linux/Windows Hosting, Great Support!

Ubuntu Forums - Free Linux Distribution - Ask Ubuntu
Ubuntu 17.04 64Bit Desktop Download

Register your phone numbers here to block telemarketers

Suport Those Who Keep Us Free & Safe!

My Free to Use Tile Backgrounds

Useful Blount County Tennessee Sites, Links & Services
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Helen Ross McNabb Center
Helen Ross McNabb provides many useful services (Housing Help, Mental Health & More...)

Maryville Housing Authority
Income Based Hosuing for Blount County

Smokey Mountain Meals on Wheels
Serves the Blount County area senior/disabled

Sun Topia
Listing of Food Pantries, Homeless Shelters, Etc...

My Favorite Free Sites, Services, Tools, Etc...
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Alternative To
Ads Free Online "Alternative To" Search Engine (Apps, Utilities, Etc)

Ads Free Online Binary Hex Converters

Broken Link Check
Ads Free Online Free Broken Links Checker

CPU Boss
Ads Free Online CPU Comparison Engine

GPU Boss
Ads Free Online GPU Comparison Engine

Ads Free Free HTML Tetorials & Help to teach you how to code in HTML

Ads Free Online Free Image Hosting

Ads Free Music Site

Online Converter
Ads Free Online Free Multi Online Converter

Online Video Converter
Ads Free Online Converter for both Audio & Video

Online Web Tool
Ads Free Online Free Web Tools

PC Part Picker
Ads Free Online Custom Build PC Builder

Portable Apps
Ads Free Portable Applications Installer

Tool Stud
Ads Free Site with Lots of Useful Tools

Ads Free Online Virus, Trojan, Worm, Etc Scanner

Ads Free Education Site for Learning Web Code & More

My Favorite Freeware
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Free Archive Application

CD Burner XP
Free CD & DVD Burning Application

Classic Shell
Free Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 Start Menu

Crucial Storage Executive
Free SSD Drive Utilities

Free Bible & Scripture Program

FileZilla FTP Client
Free FTP Client

Firefox Browser
Free Web Browser

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager

Free SQL Client/Editor

HxD Hex Editor
Free Hex Editor

Free Image Editing Application

Free ISO to USB Program

MSI Afterburner
Free Video Card Utility (Fan Speed Etc)

Open Broadcaster Software
Free Capture & Broadcaster Application

Free Image Application (Works in Layers)

Pale Moon Browser
Free Web Browser

Create bootable USB drives

Skype Messenger
Free Messenger Program (Has Text/Voice/Video)

Snappy Drivers Installer
Free Driver Application (Very useful!)

Thunderbird Email Client
Free Email Client Application

My Favorite Android Apps & Games
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Bubble level (No Ads)
Free No Ads Bubble Level

FaceBook Messenger
Free FaceBook Messenger App

Fresh EBT
Free No Ads EBT App

Golden Hour
Free No Ads Sun Set/Rise App

Google Translate
Free No Ads Multi Language Translator

Mr. Number
Free No Ads Call/Number/Spam Blocker

QR Droid Private
Free No Ads No Special Permissions QR Code Scanner

Samsung Voice Recorder
Free No Ads Voice Recorder by Samsung

Simple Timer
Free No Ads Timer

Upload HD Video to Facebook
Free No Ads HD Video Uploader for FB

World Net KJV
Free No Ads King James Based Bible

Zillya! Antivirus
Free No Ads Antivirus

My Favorite FireFox Addons
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AdBlocker Ultimate
A Free Ad Blocker

Popup Blocker Ultimate
A Free Popup Blocker

Video DownloadHelper
A Free Video Download Addon

My Links Exchange & Friends Links
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Chainsaw Carver Jake Madsen in Gatlinburg Tennessee

AshleyDavis.pro - Country Scents Candles
Buy Candles Online or Local in Blount County Tn

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